About Us

About Shalomz cryptoc

Shalom cryptoconceppt is a modern day digital driven company which believes that life is better lived in the digital space due to civilization, because in digital sppace everything speedily moves.

We can attest to it that everything has globally gone digital.The likes of communication, writing, posting of letters, music, television, reading, bookshops, playing of games and educational system.

We are in to different facet of information technology in this generation aimed at gradually teaching youth and interested adults the rudiments of how to utilize the computer and handset as their legitimate source of income.Our recent survey indicates that workers on salary are discouraged because their salary cannot take care of their present needs,due to sky-rocket price in everything.

Shalomzcryptoconcept program to educate youths and empower the masses through its project seminars, conferences and workshops which hold on weekly, monthly, quarterly, biannually and simultaneously.It is our perception that government alone cannot tackle the issue of unemployment Nationwide,this necessity gives credence to the emergence of Shalomzcryptoconcept.Shalomzcryptoconcept as a digital investment consultant has been in the digital space to assist in ameliorating workers plights ; we have also initiated a very bumper workers salary.support project to open your mindset as to how to make legitimate and cool money with less stress, through digital training and investment opportunity you could choose from

Shalomzcryptoconcept aims and objectives are very relevant for today because we are

-on a mission to end poverty

– To enlighten the people more about the digital age and our resolve to key it guaranty our financial safety.

– To re position every mindset to be digitally literate

– we also believe that no man should die poor even when he or she is born poor

– make the digital space fertile and ready for the younger generations coming up

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